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Rental Criteria

Application Qualification Criteria

Please review our list of criteria before proceeding with an application.

Rental History

  1. A minimum three (3) years of verifiable residential history

Credit Score

  1. FICO Score
    1. 599 and below: Decline to rent
      2. No credit = good credit
      3. If you are receiving a government subsidy as rental assistance,
      please advise if you would like to decline the credit report and be
      offered an opportunity to prove credit worthiness.

Income Guidelines

  1. Combined gross monthly income must be 2.5 times the amount of monthly rent. If
    income is not 2.5 times, you must provide a guarantor (co-signer. Income must be legal
    and verifiable.
    **Co-signers must live in San Diego County
    ***Not all properties accept co-signers.
    Co signers must provide legal and verifiable proof of income of 5 times the monthly

Application Requirements

  1. Completed and authorized rental application from each applicant over the age of 18.
  2. There is a $60 application fee, per applicant.  Any occupant over the age of 18 needs to complete a separate application.
  3. Credit will not be processed until property has been viewed by applicant(s) or by an applicant(s) designee
  4. Please provide one of the following items for income verification:
    • A copy of current pay stub or LES showing YTD earnings
    • Housing Voucher from government or supporting agency
    • A letter of verification of employment, signed by employer. (we will verify with HR department of company – not with the person identified.
    • If self-employed, must provide a copy of your most current tax return, substantiating income.
  5. A Government issued photo identification
  6. Complete a pet screening using our third-party pet screening service. Click here for details.