Rental Criteria

Application Qualification Criteria

Please review our list of criteria before proceeding with an application.

Rental History

  1. A minimum of two (2) years of rental history, if applicable.

Credit Score

  1. FICO Score
    1. 650 or above: Standard Security Deposit
    2. 600-649: One and a half Standard Security Deposit
    3. 550-599: Double Standard Security Deposit

Income Guidelines

  1. Combined gross monthly income must be 3 times the amount of monthly rent. If income is not 3 times, you must provide a guarantor.

Application Requirements

  1. Completed and authorized rental application from each applicant over the age of 18.
  2. There is no application fee; however there is a $50 processing fee on the lease signing date.
  3. Credit check will not be processed until property has been viewed by applicant(s).
  4. Please provide one of the following items for income verification:
    • A copy of current pay showing YTD earnings or verification of employment.
    • If self-employed or retired please provide two (2) months’ bank statements and prior year Federal tax returns.
    • Military must provide LES.
  5. A copy of a photo ID, such as your driver’s license or Passport.